Objective-C Tips and Tricks for iOS Developers

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  Fade form color to color Apr 03th, 2017 96
  UIWebView get vertical height Mar 31th, 2017 94
  Threads Helper Feb 27th, 2017 172
  Identifies if is running from the device or simulator Jul 20th, 2016 286
  Standardize AFNetworking calls Apr 21th, 2016 243
  UILabel correct way to padding left/right Apr 18th, 2016 62
  Performance examination procedure Mar 18th, 2016 252
  Cancellable dispatch_after Mar 04th, 2016 281
  Scroll direction pulses with a value sensitivity Mar 03th, 2016 260
  How to get router IP address in Objective-C Feb 27th, 2016 252
  Change value of existing NSLayoutConstraints Feb 18th, 2016 245
  Block execution on main thread Feb 16th, 2016 245
  Correct way for to scroll after of reloadData completion Feb 09th, 2016 270
  Convert GMT date to Italian date Nov 23th, 2015 288
  Get duration of streaming Nov 23th, 2015 221
  Capture an image of a view not yet displayed Jul 09th, 2015 356
  Obfuscate Class and methods in Objective-C Jun 18th, 2015 427
  Validate a email from a string Apr 23th, 2015 423
  Convert URL to a Tiny URL Apr 23th, 2015 585
  Thumbnail image from ALAsset with a category Apr 23th, 2015 443
  Convert video to MP4 from a URL Apr 23th, 2015 468
  Save jpeg image from CGImageRef Apr 23th, 2015 403
  Capture a screenshot from mov video types Apr 23th, 2015 376
  Get informations of the certificate (OS X) Feb 22th, 2015 576
  Check valid MPMoviePlayerController video URL Nov 10th, 2014 317
  AVPlayer verify streaming when stalled Oct 29th, 2014 358
  Detect the type of iPhone Device independent from iOS vers Oct 18th, 2014 363
  Convert property names in a text string with their value Oct 10th, 2014 347
  Generate a unique id of a NSObject Oct 08th, 2014 340
  iOS8: correct screen bounds Oct 02th, 2014 240
  How to check the end of an audio (AVPlayer) Sep 29th, 2014 324
  How to get duration (HH:MM:SS) from AVAudioPlayer Sep 12th, 2014 237
  fix the wrong value of sizeThatFits in a UITableViewCell Sep 11th, 2014 404
  Get list of all interfaces on the iPhone - iPad Device Aug 26th, 2014 415
  Settings from a PLIST file Jul 25th, 2014 418
  Loading the XIB dependent on the device Jul 09th, 2014 395
  NSObject set property values with NSDictionary Jul 07th, 2014 425
  Convert NSObject to NSDictionary Jun 23th, 2014 473
  Tips: a solid dealloc for all classes Jun 23th, 2014 213
  Fix the crash in iOS6 when you start a not supported video Jun 09th, 2014 425
  Fixes crash in case of missing of the partial KeyPath May 23th, 2014 357
  fix for crash when called the reloadData of a UITableView Apr 29th, 2014 388
  Capture blurred UIView Apr 23th, 2014 230
  NSDictionary to JSON Apr 04th, 2014 244
  Time difference between two dates Mar 14th, 2014 268
  How to never block the interface with NSOperation Mar 13th, 2014 278
  NSError from NSException Feb 05th, 2014 265
  Filter an NSArray of NSDictionary with NSPredicate Jan 23th, 2014 237
  UILabel text size fit macro Jan 16th, 2014 285
  UILabel and text size for iOS 7 Dec 12th, 2013 314
  Convert Unicode string into readable string Dec 10th, 2013 246
  UIWebVew Video Autoplay Dec 03th, 2013 292
  iOS SOAP client engine Aug 31th, 2013 323
  MD5 encode NSString Aug 30th, 2013 248
  Fix for Fecebook SDK when retrieving user permissions Aug 30th, 2013 230
  SHA1 encode NSString Aug 23th, 2013 240
  How to create a perfect circle UIView Jul 17th, 2013 510
  How to retrieve the current displayed viewcontroller Jul 11th, 2013 239
  How to put an image and a bottom text together in a UIButton Jul 02th, 2013 315
  How to invoke a method in a class via their string names Jun 26th, 2013 235
  Icon with symbol of the beta version Jun 23th, 2013 221
  UIWebView asynchronous javascript call Jun 19th, 2013 289
  Random numbers and random boolean values Jun 14th, 2013 524
  How to manage the image asynchronously from a UIImagePicker Jun 10th, 2013 233
  SDWebImage extended with alternate URL Jun 05th, 2013 291
  UIImage from icon app Jun 05th, 2013 291
  User-Agent for all UIWebView in your app Jun 04th, 2013 293
  Set property values ​​from a NSDictionary Jun 04th, 2013 541
  Force Facebook Logout May 20th, 2013 391
  How to use GDC for create a singleton class Apr 05th, 2013 245
  Play Audio Streaming in Backgrund mode Apr 02th, 2013 282
  How to load Twitter Timeline Widget in a UIWebView Mar 31th, 2013 645
  Remove unused characters in a NSString Mar 29th, 2013 240
  UIWebView transparent and scrollbar hidden Mar 04th, 2013 308
  Add a Gift Shop with your personalized images Mar 02th, 2013 268
  Cocos2D and Google Analytics Category Feb 21th, 2013 470
  Fix GameCenter on Cocos2D v2 and iOS 6 Feb 15th, 2013 325
  Facebook Token to exchange app information Nov 27th, 2012 253
  Get file list with NSPredicate Nov 13th, 2012 269
  Singleton with Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) Nov 08th, 2012 303
  [self retain] with ARC and without warning Nov 07th, 2012 462
  How to use NON-ARC Lib on ARC project Nov 07th, 2012 284
  Remove observe notification and release all properties Sep 15th, 2012 269
  Two or more UIButton on UINavigationBar Sep 07th, 2012 293
  More useful macros Sep 06th, 2012 302
  How to debug EXC_CRASH (SIGTRAP) Sep 03th, 2012 424
  XCode 4.2 with iOS SDK 5.1 Aug 27th, 2012 298
  Add text to image Aug 19th, 2012 568
  Swizzle Method Aug 01th, 2012 386
  Swizzeling Hack (FB example) Jul 20th, 2012 243
  Make Categories Loadable Jul 10th, 2012 270
  Loggin (NSLog) only in Debug mode Jul 08th, 2012 259
  Comparison of the primitive C type stored in NSNumber Jun 27th, 2012 248
  NSDictionary to XML NSString Jun 23th, 2012 324
  cocos2d: menu level in Angry Birds style Jun 18th, 2012 524
  How to include ttf fonts to iOS app May 21th, 2012 289
  Sorting by block May 21th, 2012 227
  Create movie from array of images May 21th, 2012 273
  UIColor from hex May 21th, 2012 241
  Easy custom back button May 21th, 2012 222
  Add a gift shop to your iOS application May 17th, 2012 227
  a nice Web Browser with basic UI not invasive functions Apr 22th, 2012 256
  How to disable ARC for one or more file Apr 04th, 2012 234
  How to enable automatic observer notification Apr 03th, 2012 271
  Copy object with property values Apr 01th, 2012 387
  ReviewEngine Mar 28th, 2012 258

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