Which allows you to create client application support FTP (File Transfer Protocol), this component provides the following rich set of features:

  • Standard File Transfer Passive Protocol.
  • Upload and Download files, images or bytes array data.
  • Create, Remove and Change remote path.
  • Get list of files located in to remote FTP server.

Attention! can download, and use this software, but is a discontinued software, and the supports not are longer available.

  • Windows 2000 (Service Pack 2 or higher), Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista
  • Visual Studio 2003 FrameWork 1.1 (or other ambient that support it)

When register this product you can full using the libraries for developers in your other applications. Below describes the properties and methods you can use for single component :

Interface Description
LastMessage Return the last error message
RemoteHost Return or set the IP address of the remote server
RemotePort Return or set the TCP port of the remote server
RemotePassword Return or set the remote password to access the server
RemoteUser Return or set the remote user to access the server
Connect Connect to remote FTP server
CloseConnection Close the current opened connection
Upload Send data to the remote server
Download Get data from the remote server
DownloadImage Get a picture image located in the remote server
ChangeDirectory Change directory path name in the remote server
DeleteFile Remove a file located in the remote server
RenameFile Rename the file name of a file located in the remote server
CreateDirectory Create a directory to the remote server
RemoveDirectory Remove a directory from remote server
GetFileSize Return size of a file located on remote server
GetFileList Return list of files located on remote server

Below a simple example for VS.NET version :
Imports Priore.Controls

Dim img As Image ' initialization
Dim FTPIO As New FTP ' initialization

FTPIO.RemoteHost = "" ' remote FTP server
FTPIO.RemoteUser = "test" ' username
FTPIO.RemotePassword = "test" ' password
FTPIO.RemotePort = 21 ' TCP port

If Not FTPIO.Connect() Then ' connect
    MsgBox(FTPIO.LastMessage) ' error message
End If

If Not FTPIO.ChangeDirectory("/test") Then ' change path
    MsgBox(FTPIO.LastMessage) ' error message
    FTPIO.CloseConnection() ' close connection
End If

img = Image.FromFile("c:\images\wintermist.jpg") ' load a image from local file
If Not FTPIO.Upload("newname.jpg", img) Then ' send image
    MsgBox(FTPIO.LastMessage) ' error message
    FTPIO.CloseConnection() ' close connection
End If

img = FTPIO.DownloadImage("pippo.jpg") ' retrieve image from remote server
If img Is Nothing Then ' not image found
    MsgBox(FTPIO.LastMessage) ' error message
    ' right ok
    PictureBox1.Image = img ' show image
End If

FTPIO.CloseConnection() ' close connection

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