SmartCard SmartCard
This components is able to read and write numeric and alphanumeric data from GemClubMemo and other type's Smartcard. The GemClubMemo produced by, this kind of smartcard have a very tiny memory but as well these have a very cheap price! Although everything, this kind of card is the best solution for a solid "protection" circuit, even because each card has onboard three different passwords (commonly named "Card Secret Code) and a protection that will put off-line the card after three unsuccesul authentication attempts for each password. The collection contains two advanced components for Developer, both in Visual Studio .NET and Visual Studio 6 technology, each with help and information how to use, and includes the examples code.


Attention! can download, and use this software, but is a discontinued software, and the supports not are longer available.

  • Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • Visual Basic 6.0 (or other ambient that supports ActiveX technology) *
  • Visual Studio 2003-2010 FrameWork 1.1 (or other ambient that support it) **
* only for ActiveX components
** only for VS.NET componenets

When register this product you can full using the libraries for developers in your other applications. Below describes the properties and methods you can use for single component :

Interface Description
ATR Return a string to describe the Answer to Reset
Enabled Active events of insertion/removal card
ErrorDescription Return description of errors
ErrorNumber Return code number of error
Interval Set the interval time ot check state
ReaderName Return or set the reader name of to use
State Return the state of the reader or the card
StatusWord Return a code to describe the state of last APDU command
APDUCommand Send generic APDU commands
Connect Connect to smartcard for operations
Disconnect Disconnect from scmartcard
ReadCard Read data from smartcard
SendCSC Send the CSC to able I/O operations to smartcard
WriteCard Write data to smartcard

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